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Xiaomi launches a smart lamp that eliminates viruses
Xiaomi launches a smart lamp that eliminates viruses

In these days, putting the words virus and China in the same conversation is the order of the day, and we don't know if it's a market opportunity, coincidence or what's wrongXiaomi lamp that eliminates viruses from the environment was scheduled to go on the market soon.

Be that as it may, the new Xiaomi lamp has a futuristic design and is also capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria from our home. Obviously cannot eliminate coronavirus, but it could help clean up the environment by reducing the spread of common colds, for example.

Qingdao Fifth Element Company is the forerunner of such technology that collects viruses and bacteria floating in the air in our homes. At the moment, what is expected to be the best-selling lamp in China is just a project waiting to raise the necessary capital to become a reality.

This lamp is compatible with Xiaomi, more specifically with the entire ecosystem of products that Xiaomi has beyond mobile phones. Let's remember that Xiaomi even has products focused on cooking, personal hygiene, slippers, etc. and an endless number of products that you were unaware of.

Going back to the lamp, from its design we can highlight a black structure with 4 openings and two LED tubes in the center. The materials used are plastic and metal, very typical of Xiaomi products.

The measurements of this new lamp are: 245 x 120 x 120 mm and it would have a power cord.

Xiaomi launches a smart lamp that eliminates viruses
Xiaomi launches a smart lamp that eliminates viruses

How are viruses and bacteria eliminated?

This action is carried out thanks to the type of light that it radiates, since it is not a normal and current one like the light of a lamp, or the one that is on the ceiling of our room, nor the from any ordinary light bulb or fluorescent.

The new Xiaomi lamp has UVC rays, these are responsible for illuminating while eliminating all viruses and bacteria what is around you. They are lights used for sterilization,since what is achieved is to damage the reproduction of viral cells, thus considerably reducing the spread of said cold and our exposure to it.

But here an important fact comes into conflict: the range of said light. In the case of the new Xiaomi lamp, has a radius of action of 30 meters maximum. This way we can ensure common rooms such as lounges, for example.

The useful life of this lamp has been established at 9,000 hours after a research study prior to its release on the market.

The thing does not end here, but as a good Xiaomi product, it is linked to home automation. By this we mean that we can control the lamp from the comfort of our mobile, what's more, we will receive notifications if the lamp itself detects powerful agents in the environment.

Regarding the price and availability of this innovative lamp, we know that will arrive in China on March 5, 2020 at a price of 149 yuan(about 23 euros to change). It is not known if it will arrive in Spain, this will depend on the success it obtains and the expansion that Xiaomi wants to make of the product.

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