Vox plans to sue Twitter
Vox plans to sue Twitter

Throughout yesterday evening, Santiago Abascal stood up to Twitter and openly said that had sent a burofax to Twitter to regain control of his account.

If we remember, we will remember that a few days ago Twitter decided to suspend the Vox account because of some hurtful tweets. All these tweets arose from a discussion between the Vox account and Adriana Lastra, spokesperson for the PSOE.

Both profiles got involved on Twitter over a hot topic such as the "parental pin", a measure that Vox strongly defends, but they are not liking that imposition in public education institutions.

Vox warns that the next step will be to sue the social network for depriving themselves of their fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, participation politics, ideological freedom, among others.

Vox plans to sue Twitter
Vox plans to sue Twitter

Returning to the burofax that has been sent to Twitter, the text begins by putting the person(s) who read said burofax in a situation and context.

The burofax details what happened and shows the tweets that, according to the political party, should have been censored. Furthermore, they add that they do not see hate speech and explain the situation by citing the definition of "hate speech" provided by Twitter itself.

Before finishing the text, written in Century Gothic font, the political formation boasts of its political results and again shows its rejection towards that censorship by Twitter.

The text of the burofax closes with a brief notice indicating that the next step that Vox will take if this situation is not resolved "urgently and immediately", will be ademand to deprive them of the fundamental rights included in the Constitution and that we have already mentioned in a previous paragraph.

Waiting for the Vox Twitter account to be unblocked, there are many members of that political force who make their position clear in this situation and press for the barrier to be lifted and the blocking.

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