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Buds Air, Realme's "Airpods"
Buds Air, Realme's "Airpods"

Realme continues to show off new products, and this is how we know about the launch of a new product, in this case, an accessory to always carry with you. They are the new Realme Buds Air, the wireless headphones in the style of Apple's Airpods.

They are not the first Realme headphones, but they are they are the first to equip True Wireless technology, well, we already saw a few weeks ago the Realme Buds Wireless, of which we tell you all the details and even offer you their official price.

What is most striking about the Realme Buds Air is undoubtedly its huge resemblance to Apple headphones, well, practically identical In the design. They sit comfortably in the ear and over the rest of the headset that hangs from both ears.

Realme Buds Air, technical data

Going a little more into the technical part, you should know about these Buds Air that they equip the R1 processor. Regarding connectivity, they offer Bluetooth 5.0 and Google Fast Pair, a feature that will allow you to easily connect any device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

This is a technology that greatly facilitates that connection with Android devices and will be available soon, so synchronization will be fasterOn the other hand, in terms of autonomy, these headphones can last up to 17 hours when used in a case.

And yes, how could it be otherwise, the Realme Buds Air come with their own case to store them and what does it work also to perform several recharges so that the user can have them ready to use and listen to music at any time.

Buds Air, Realme's "Airpods"
Buds Air, Realme's "Airpods"

Speaking of sound, the Buds Air have noise cancellation that only works on calls. They also have a gaming mode that reduces latency by more than 50% compared to normal mode, an important detail when you play.

It has support for gestures, so you can perform different actions with your fingers by touching them. For example, to answer a call it is enough to give it two touches, while if you want to start the gaming mode of the headphones you have to make a long press on both.

By the way, you can charge the Realme Buds Air on a wireless charging base thanks to the support for this technology, you just have to place them inside the case and then put the case on a base so that they begin to charge without the need for any cable.

Among the most interesting sensors, there is the one that detects if you remove the earphone from your ear, in this case stopping the music and replaying it when you put them back on, this way you never miss your favorite music and you can listen to it perfectly.

The Realme Buds Air wireless headphones will arrive in Spain very soon, although there is still no official release date, but they can already be purchased on Aliexpress for just over €65 in yellow, black and white.

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