"Texting thumb", the injury caused by using the mobile excessively
"Texting thumb", the injury caused by using the mobile excessively

Excessive use of the mobile can cause injury to the thumbs. This injury is known as Texting thumb and is due to the fact that the position in which we place our thumbs to type on the mobile keyboard is not the "natural" position of hands.

It's not an episode of Black Mirror, the thumb injury from using the mobile exists and is real. All evolution comes from adapting to an environment, and in this case our body, morphologically speaking, is not prepared to use the thumbs in that position and hence the pain.

According to a recent study, we unlock our cell phones fifty times a day at least in some cases. Add to this all the minutes and hours we spend checking our mobile in the 24 hours that a day lasts.

We don't spend time just looking at the screen like someone watching the rain fall on the glass, but during that time we are typing and clicking on our terminal.

With each passing day the use of mobile phones increases, and this leads several users to medical consultations for pain in their fingers and wrists. The most affected finger is the thumb, hence the name Texting thumb.

"Texting thumb", the injury from using the mobile excessively
"Texting thumb", the injury from using the mobile excessively

Like almost everything in this life, it has a reflection that comes from the past, and that is that this same ailment makes us travel to the 90s whenthe little ones in the house were "addicted" to the Nintendo console and began to develop this ailment

The pain arises from inflammation of the tendon. If the ailment does not stop, it is advisable to visit the doctor, but as a general rule the pain in the tendon subsides after several hours of rest (without using the mobile).

Regarding the above, there are two strands of thought. On the one hand, there are doctors who do not give it much importance, and there are others who assure that this ailment can become chronic and can only be solved through surgery.

Surgeries that have to do with tendons almost always carry risks, since it is an extremely sensitive area and there is a high percentage that do not fit as well as they should.

Continuing with the Texting thumb, larger screen phones such as the Galaxy Note range, for example, are the ones that cause the most stress on the tendons of the thumbs, so if you suffer from this pain, It is recommended to switch to small screen phones so that your thumbs are not under as much pressure.

Before reaching these extremes, in which we see how technology negatively affects our he alth, it is better to detach yourself from your mobile for a bit and take advantage of that time to perform other tasks.

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