Fortnite Celebration Cup, the exclusive tournament for PS4
Fortnite Celebration Cup, the exclusive tournament for PS4

Fortnite Celebration Cup is the new event for the fashionable battle royale, an exclusive tournament for PlayStation 4 where skilled players will win cosmetic items for their characters, and those with the highest level will share out 1 million dollars in prizes

This Fortnite Celebration Cup ("Fortnite Celebration Cup" in Spanish) will be held on 15 and 16 February, and will be Performed in solo mode You will need to have reached level 15 in the game and have two-factor authentication enabled.

Although we are talking about 1 million in prizes, it will actually be 4,000 people who will distribute it, so the maximum prize will be $3,000(just over 2,700 euros), which will get the first place in Europe, the best rewarded region.

Unlike championships like the FIFA 20 Global Series, Fortnite's PlayStation 4 event is exclusively online, and there will be no final in a physical location, which shouldn't be surprising either, as it barely lasts 2 days.

These prize money can only be obtained on February 16, the first day of the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PlayStation 4 is reserved for cosmetic items.

The championship will take place in 3-hour sessions, in which it will be possible to play a maximum of 10 games, where they will give us points according to our performance.

Here's how points will be distributed per PS4 Fortnite Celebration Cup match:

  1. 1 point for each elimination.
  2. 10 points for the winner.
  3. 7 points from 2nd to 5th place.
  4. 5 points from 6th to 15th classified.
  5. 3 points from 16th to 25th place.
Fortnite Celebration Cup, the exclusive tournament for PS4
Fortnite Celebration Cup, the exclusive tournament for PS4

It should be noted that Fortnite divides the world into 7 regions, so Spanish PlayStation players will compete with the rest of the Europeans, and there are also specific prizes for each region.

In Europe the winner gets $3,000, more than the $2,500 in the United States, although the American country will have a winner for the east coast and another for the west coast.

Returning to Europe, the 1,500 best ranked will get money, ranging from the top prize to $200, which in all cases will have to be taxed to the Treasury according to the general regulations.

Regarding the cosmetic elements of February 15, they will be distributed as follows:

  1. "Take Cover" graffiti for the top 50%.
  2. Pick "Wild Accent" for the best 25%.
  3. Tango outfit for the top 5%.

For now the regional schedules have not been specified of the Fortnite Celebration Cup, Epic Games will announce them later in the "Compete" section " of the game.

I'm sure the Fortnite Celebration Cup is a success in Spain, where PlayStation 4 is very popular and, apart from a high level of participation, many youtubers will take the opportunity to broadcast their games live.

What do you think of the Fortnite Celebration Cup on PlayStation 4? Do you think you will get part of the million dollars in dispute?

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