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Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

Action cameras are an ideal complement to record videos when doing sports activities, especially if they have a double sensor to capture the entire environment in 360 degrees. Today we will see the review of the Insta360 One R, a modular action camera thanks to which we will not have to give up anything.

Action cameras are devices in which we have barely noticed an evolution in recent years. Insta360 is a company known for being one of the first firms to launch an action camera capable of recording in 360 degreesThese types of action cameras are really useful, although we may not want to continuously record in 360º.

Some action cameras have the possibility of deactivating one of the two photographic sensors through which the 360º image is created. The solution wasn't bad, but the image looked slightly distorted.

Insta360 wanted to take a step forward with a modular action camera, thus adapting to different situations, as it allowsphysically interchange modules with different sensors , suitable for each circumstance.

It should be noted that our unit is a beta version, as the Insta360 One R has only been released for a few days.

Insta360 One R, Specifications

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

Let's know more details about what a modular camera looks like. Let's first look at the insta360 One R base specifications, common to all modules:

  1. Touch screen.
  2. Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth.
  3. Ports and sensors: USB Type-C and Micro SD card slot.
  4. Battery: 1,200 mAh.
  5. Others: IPX8 water resistant to 5 meters.

We'll also go over the details of the 360º module, which offers the following:

  1. Opening: F/2.8.
  2. Photo Resolution: Up to 6800 x 3040 2:1.
  3. Video Resolution: Up to 5760 x 2880 30 fps.
  4. Video encoding: H.265.
  5. Video bitrate: up to 100 Mbps.
  6. Gyroscope: 6 axis.

Finally, we will know the specifications of the 4K module, oriented towards high resolution:

  1. Aperture: F/2.0.
  2. Photo Resolution: Up to 4,000 x 3,000 4:3.
  3. Video Resolution: Up to 4,000 x 3,000 30 fps.
  4. Video encoding: H.264 AND H.265.
  5. Video bitrate: up to 100 Mbps.
  6. Gyroscope: 6 axis.

What is a modular action camera like?

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

This is a new concept and we can tell you how useful it is. The camera has a main module in which the screen is located and in which video and photo processing is performed.

The main module, where the "brain" of the Insta360 One R is located, has two slots for the connection of the 360º module

This is also useful for us with the 4K sensor, as it only occupies one of the two slots, we can place it both conventionally and upside down to see ourselves while recording.

In addition to the 360º module, we have a conventional 4K sensor with a focal aperture of 2.8. This sensor produces a slight curvature in the image, called “fisheye”, something common in a sports camera.

The “fisheye” effect occurs because of the higher angle angle compared to other conventional sensors, which captures more elements in the image, but change produces a small distortion, especially when approaching the corners of the photo.

It should be noted that all the modules have anchors in which the battery is hooked and make the connection between the main module and the sensor much more solid.

The battery is attached to the bottom of the sensor and its amperage is 1,200 mAh. To recharge it must be connected to the camera and the sensor, although it is possible to purchase an additional base, which allows charging up to 2 batteries at the same time.

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

The duration of the battery will vary depending on how we use the camera, but its approximate duration is around 1 hour of autonomy, and its recharge takes approximately 2 hours.

The photographic modules of the Insta360 One R each have a different finish. The wide-angle sensor has a rubbery finish and is not too small, but it is still light, weighing no more than 45 grams.

If we talk about the module of the 360º camera, we find a metallic finish, which appears to be really durable and resistant. It is somewhat heavier than the wide-angle sensor, and since it has sensors on both sides, we must handle it with care.

In the main module there is the image processor, the charging port USB type C and the slot for Micro SD, offering finishes in plastic, rubber and glass.

At the top of this module we find two buttons (the only ones on the Insta360 One R), such as the power button and the recording button, both finished in rubber and with a good touch.

All modules have a solid feel that conveys good material quality.

The screen, the control center of the camera

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

The Insta360 One R features a small touch screen and an LED on the back The LED is very important because it indicates what state the camera is in: when on, a blue LED is displayed, when recording, the red LED is blinking, and when off, no light comes on, of course.

The touch screen has become somewhat small for us. It is something that we understand since what is sought in this type of device is that they be as compact as possible. The touch screen works by gestures, sliding from top to bottom allows us to choose the modes, such as photo or video.

Sliding from left to right will show us the gallery of what we have recorded, although it should be noted that in videos of more than one minute long playback did not work correctly.

If we slide from right to left, we will be shown the different settings for advanced users, since we can make many interesting changes if we want deepen, keeping in mind that they all apply at the software level.

For example, we really liked the ability to see a certain area while recording with the 360º module.

360 degree recording

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

Let's start to know how this Insta360 One R records. In the case of using the 360º module we have several qualities from which we can choose, and in addition, many other options:

  1. Standard: Start recording with camera default settings.
  2. HDR: HDR dramatically improves image colors when recording or taking photos.
  3. Time lapse: Take a photo every few seconds, stitch them together for a time-lapse video that spans a long period later of time.
  4. Bullet time: it is a mode dedicated to subsequent video editing, since it records 3K at 100 fps, which means a high quality together with a very high refresh rate, facilitating the task when modifying this type of video in which the background moves, but not our body.

The Insta360 One R also allows you to apply your own settings and create two profiles, which we can save and use whenever we want.

Although there are more modes, we cannot activate these from the camera itself, but we will have to use the app.

At the color level, gets true-to-life colors The audio is somewhat fair, as it usually is in most action cameras, although it is sufficient. Of course, we can add an external microphone using an optional adapter, or use Bluetooth connectivity.


In the quality 4K at 50 fps at the level of fluidity and even color improvement, since everything is seen in a much more more dynamic.

In lower qualities such as Full HD, the Insta360 One R is really interesting, because in the rest of the formats the video takes up a lot of space and when rendering it on a computer the definition that is obtained is more than enough in most cases.

Stabilization is perhaps in the section that we notice the least differences when changing modes. The Insta360 One R has a fairly correct stabilization thanks to the “ FlowSlate” technology integrated into both sensors.

It should be noted that, using the 360º module, we can make use of both H.264 and H.265. The latter is not compatible with some players on the computer, although it is compatible with platforms such as YouTube.

Our tests for the review have been recorded with H.264 encoding, rendered with Insta360's own software and uploaded to YouTube.

Recording with the 4K module

Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price
Insta360 One R, review with opinion, specifications and price

The modes available using this 4K sensor in the Insta360 One R are the same as in the 360º, except for “bullet time”.

Although there is an optional module with a super wide angle sensor (made in collaboration with Leica), this 4K module is a wide angle much shyer. Of course, it is worth highlighting the quality it obtains.


During the recording at 4K at 60 fps we have not experienced any type of problem, it is very sharp and the colors are quite true to reality.

Where we have experienced problems is with the interface, which is placed vertically or horizontally depending on the position of the camera, but was not adapting correctly to the situation, despite having performed the calibration several times.

We understand that this is a software-level error, since it is not a final version of the product, we encounter this type of problem.

Photography with the 360º module

In the case of photographs it is not necessary to render the image or carry out any type of process to be able to appreciate it in 360º. The modes that the Insta360 One R has are by no means scarce. In addition, all of them are compatible with the rest of the modules:

  1. Standard: Shoot with the default settings.
  2. HDR: Intensifies the colors of the picture.
  3. Burst: Take multiple shots in a row.
  4. Interval: Also called time lapse, take pictures every few seconds.
  5. Night Mode: it is the ideal mode for taking night photographs since it opens the focal aperture as wide as possible, in order to collect the maximum possible light in night situations.

The Insta360 One R offers several formats to save photos, such as the usual JPG If we prefer to take a photo and then edit it and that it manages to maintaining quality, we can always choose the format RAW, although it takes up a lot of space and it would only be valid for this use.

The images in-j.webp" />.

The objects are not well defined, since with this module the aim we have is to capture everything around us, thus losing detail.

In night situations, the problem is more serious because some colors appear unreal, the forms are interpreted in such a way that the depths of the objects are barely differentiated.

The night mode is not too aggressive and captures more light naturally, which is appreciated, considering that it is a mode that is performed purely through software.

Photography with the 4K module

Unlike the 360º module, with the 4K module our intentions are to capture only part of the environment, as in a normal photo. The photographs, as we mentioned before, are not the forte of the Insta360 One R or any action camera However, broadly speaking they look adequate, especially at the color level.

A level of detail is where we find the most problems, since the detail is scarce, when you enlarge the image you begin to notice the pixels, although this is normal, since as we say it is a wide angle.

And the same thing happened to us when recording video with this module, the Insta360 One R interpreted that we were focusing the image vertically and not horizontally, which was quite strange, although as we said it was not necessary to have to pass said photograph through any type of editor.

In night situations, the result is quite similar to what we find during the day, since the Insta360 One R controls the white balance and the reception of external light sources quite well, such as streetlights, without yellowing the photo. The problem with photography is the great loss of information that occurs when enlarging the capture

Own video editor

As we have already mentioned, the Insta360 One R camera is equipped with Bluetooth connection, through which we cansend the files to our mobile . From the app we can edit and share the captures.

To transfer the recorded videos to our computer, we have inserted the Micro SD that we had in the camera into the equipment, which is located on the right side, next to USB type C.

Now, in addition to the mobile editor, the Insta360 One R has a desktop editor which is complete, intuitive and useful. We must bear in mind that to render a video and view it in 360º, the recording must be processed, so we will need a computer with a good graphics card and processor.

In our tests, when exporting a video recorded with the 360º module, it is much faster to export it with the H.264 codec than with the H.265 codec.

In the editor we can find multiple settings, these are defined by default, although if we have technical knowledge, it is possible to change them to our taste.

Insta360 One R Accessories

Accessories, speaking of a sports camera, are almost essential for its use. In this case, the “ Twin pack” that we have included both the 360º lens and the 4K module.

There is also a stand to carry the Insta360 One R, which is sold separately and is specially designed for “ Bullet Time mode” and thus make the camera's stabilization job easier.

Finally, there's a casing made of plastic to protect the camera whatever lens it has, since it's compatible with both.

Available Packs

Although the unit we have for this review is not a final version, the final version of the Insta360 One R is for sale in different packs and at different prices.

  1. Twin Edition with the base, the 360º module and the 4K module for 509, 99 euros.
  2. 1 Inch Edition with Leica base and wide-angle module for 599, 99 euros.
  3. Trio Edition with base and three modules for 829, 98 euros.

As we can see, the Insta360 One R is not a cheap product, since most accessories are sold separately and Apart from the packs that we have mentioned, there are others focused on professionals that make the camera compatible even with Mavic drones.

Insta360 One R, an interesting concept that we see a future for

Buying a sports camera is an event that does not occur every day, and it is very possible that we have considered whether we want one with the possibility of recording in 360º or even if we are going to take full advantage of it.

The option that Insta360 puts on the table is really interesting Despite the fact that in the review we have not had the final version (that could bring software corrections), and in the absence of testing the Leica super wide-angle sensor, we can say that it is a very complete product.

Strengths of the Insta360 One R in our review

  1. Very good video.
  2. Easy to assemble and disassemble the modules.
  3. USB type C, Micro SD, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  4. Multiple accessories.
  5. Good construction.
  6. Waterproof.

Weak points of the Insta360 One R in our review

  1. Some errors when detecting if we record horizontally or vertically.
  2. Recharging the battery separately requires an extra accessory.

Our assessment

  1. Design: 8
  2. Sound: 7
  3. Software: 8
  4. Price: 8
  5. Construction: 8
  6. Overall score: 7.8

What do you think of this type of action cameras? Do you think more firms will bet on this format of modular cameras?

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