LG and ZTE will not attend MWC 2020 because of the coronavirus
LG and ZTE will not attend MWC 2020 because of the coronavirus

The coronavirus went from being a specific case in a remote region of the world, to being a case that occupies hundreds of minutes on television, the current situation is so serious that LG has decided not to attend MWC 2020 as a preventive measure.

The World He alth Organization decreed a state of alert and as we write these lines, in Wuhan, ground zero of the coronavirus in humans, there are already more than 420 deaths.

In fact, the spread of this unknown virus can be seen live through an interactive map hosted on Google Maps, although there is also a website that reports the spread of the virus in real time. We say unknown because the virus in question (2019-nCoV) was known only in animals, with regard to humans the symptoms are still 100% unknown, and what is more serious, the definitive cure.

Continuing with the MWC 2020, which is just over 2 weeks away from starting in the city of Barcelona, ​​we know that in reference to this contagious virus many companies and professionals have reconsidered their visit as This is the case of LG.

LG and ZTE will not attend MWC 2020 due to the coronavirus
LG and ZTE will not attend MWC 2020 due to the coronavirus

LG alleges that it will not visit Barcelona as a preventive measure against the coronavirus, basically "so as not to put the safety and he alth of its employees, partners and clients" This is how the official statement issued by LG reads, which closes by confirming the cancellation of its exhibition at the MWC 2020 fair.

At the end of the informative note, they affirm that, instead of participating in the technology fair, they will hold presentation events in the near future to introduce the world to their new phones.

The decision, from a professional point of view, may seem daunting, since losing LG from this international fair may be a "disappointment" for the hundreds of thousands of professionals who will be at MWC 2020 from February 24 to 27.

On the other hand, personally, humanly, logically, the decision seems to be the right one It is true that this rejection It does not help much to the social alarm that has been created regarding the coronavirus, but it is true that the situation forces us to make decisions with caution.

LG is not the only one to take measures against the spread of the virus outside of China, but Uber has even blocked more than a hundred accountsdue to a possible infected user who was in contact with 2 drivers, and in turn these two made dozens of passenger transfers in the following days.

Regarding ZTE, it has released an official statement informing that they will participate in the MWC 2020 international fair and will continue, almost in its entirety, with the agenda they had planned for those days.

In their statement, they allude to the innovations in 5G technologies that they will present at the fair. In turn, they confirm that the press conference on February 25 is cancelled, and that we will be able to see their news at stand 3F30 at the MWC.

The coronavirus has not only claimed fatalities, but also, as collateral damage, a wave of racism has arisen towards people with oriental features, and citizens of Chinese origin in general. This gratuitous damage is propagated by misinformation, fear, the hoaxes that spread through WhatsApp and fake news.

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