Yoigo: free mobile phones in February 2020
Yoigo: free mobile phones in February 2020

The operator Yoigo starts February giving away mobiles, but to get one you have to meet a series of requirements, such as joining some of your mobile rates. Among the free devices there are not only mobile phones, we can also find smart speakers like Google Home.

All this information, as well as your contracting details, are on the official Yoigo website, which is where you can access the free mobile phone promotion this February. But we'd better hurry because units are limited and the most sought-after phones are already running out.

Yoigo highlights that February is the month of love, and also the month of free mobile phones. With this introduction, they show us the following smartphones and gadgets at €0:

  1. LG K40s.
  2. Samsung Galaxy A20s.
  3. Sony Xperia L3.
  4. ZTE Blade A3 2019.
  5. Alcatel 1s 32 GB and 64 GB (both models).
  6. Honor 10 Lite.
Yoigo: free mobiles in February 2020
Yoigo: free mobiles in February 2020
  1. Huawei Y6 2019.
  2. Huawei Y6s.
  3. Xiaomi Redmi 7 64GB.
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 7a.
  5. ZTE Blade A7 2019.
  6. Google Home.
  7. Google Chromecast.
  8. Google Nest Mini.
  9. Nest Smart Car.
  10. ZTE WiFi Modem MF971V4.

All these mobiles can be obtained free of charge when contracting Yoigo's Endless 40 rate The only one that is a bit out of the norm It is Google Home, which to get it for free you have to contract 100 Mb fiber and a mobile rate with 30 GB

The Sinfín 40 rate consists of 40 GB of data for browsing + unlimited calls for only €32/month This rate allows you to add lines additional with a 50% discount. Regarding coverage, Yoigo promises that 4G will be at maximum speed and that they will never raise the price.

Most of these smartphones and technological gadgets are about to run out, since they have very limited units, and being such an attractive offer, it is normal that they will disappear soon.

At the moment it is not known if they will replace more units than those that have already been sold out, let's hope so, since it is a subtle way of calling attention to those who want to change their telephone company.

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