Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled in Windows 10
Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled in Windows 10

The next version of Windows 10 will certainly offer new features, including the ability toeasily uninstall Paint and WordPad , which means they will be optional applications that the user can decide to leave or remove.

As you surely know, in the Windows 10 “add/remove programs” utility there is a section that allows you to install and uninstall optional utilities, this is precisely where WordPad and Paint will be found, as well as many other possibilities.

In any case, this is a logical decision, not so much because of Paint which is used to blur images and other things and which is widely used, but rather probably because of WordPad which is about a rich text editor that is rarely used.

The objective of this novelty is to give Windows 10 users freedom if they want to have Paint and WordPad available or not, if they decide that they do not want to continue using them, they simply have to access the“add/remove programs” utility and inside enter “optional features”.

Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled in Windows 10
Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled in Windows 10

You would have to look for Paint and WordPad and with a simple right click/uninstall, the utilities will be uninstalled and you will have to restart the system for the process to be carried out correctly, becauseboth utilities will disappear from the system and no trace will be left in the start menu.

You can reinstall them later if you need them. To do this you will have to wait for the release of Windows 10 Update 20H1 which could arrive shortly before the start of summer, so there are still a couple of months until its launch.

Paint and WordPad might not be the only apps that are included as “ additional software” in Windows 10, since the company did own with Internet Explorer 11 that allows it to be installed and deleted in the same way that you can do with these tools we are talking about.

Who knows if in future updates Windows will bundle more applications and consider them optional, for now Paint and WordPad will be the first, but not It is ruled out that other utilities of the system are also optional so that the user chooses or not to have them.

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