Xiaomi Mi 10: filtered image
Xiaomi Mi 10: filtered image

There is very little time left to know all the details of Xiaomi's new Mi 10 family, but while that day arrives, an image has been leaked that reveals the design of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and where you can see some interesting details about its cameras.

The truth is that until now we knew some specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the most advanced version, however, we did not know anything about the Xiaomi Mi 10 yet, but through this image we can know how your design will be and a technical detail

This is a poster of the Xiaomi Mi 10 where we realize that the design of this smartphone and that of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Note are very similarand it would be difficult to distinguish them with the naked eye without knowing what each one is and if we do not look at certain very specific details.

The first thing that stands out in the image revealed by the tweeter Xiaomishka is the presence of the Xiaomi Mi 10 in two colors, a green and a purple. Apart from this, we note that on the back there is a main camera with 4 lenses in vertical format, with one of them separated from the rest.

Xiaomi Mi 10: filtered image
Xiaomi Mi 10: filtered image

Just below is a single LED flash Comparing this aspect with that of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Note, the camera layout is the same same, but not the LED flash that is placed on the side of the camera in the Mi 10 Note (which by the way has two) and in the Mi 10 just below.

Other information, we see that the screen is free of any element except the presence of the front camera embedded in the panel itself and located on the left side. Likewise, the screen is cascading on the sides and joins the back in a gentle curve.

The 5G connectivity is also confirmed, although it will surely be a somewhat more powerful version, or who knows if the normal version also comes with This type of technology will certainly be good news that confirms that 5G is becoming more and more present.

When will we see the Xiaomi Mi 10 officially? It remains to be seen, but probably this month we will know in detail the new Xiaomi Mi 10 family, although we will have to see what ends up happening.

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