The "police virus" spreads rapidly
The "police virus" spreads rapidly
The famous "police virus" is rapidly spreading to thousands of computers according to McAffe data.

This is a malware type ramsonware developed for Windows that is distributed by spam. The virus blocks access to the PC and coerces the user into paying a fine.

He does it by posing as the National Police and claims that he has found pirate files or child pornography on the user's computer. Therefore you would have to pay a financial amount through Ukash or paysafe

The National Police warns that it is a scam and recommends the user to avoid this situation in which the user is forced to pay.

To remove "police virus" you need to use a Live CDsuch as Karskersky Rescue Disk or something similar. In any case, the updated antivirus are capable of protecting us from this malware.

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