Mozilla presents its browser for iPad: Firefox Junior
Mozilla presents its browser for iPad: Firefox Junior
This is the name of the browser being developed for the Apple tablet, iPad. It was introduced by A. Limi and T. W. Lansen, members of the product design and strategy team Mozilla.

Firefox Junior will work in full screen, hiding all navigation elements except for two transparent buttons on the sides that allow access to functions such as the bar directions or access to the home page. They have focused a lot on socialization, being able to stay in touch with your friends while you browse and exchange links with them.

They have decided to omit the tabs feature, as they say they are only useful for desktop browsers and incorporating them offers "a more pretty miserable," according to Lansen, referring to the current version of Safari for iPad.

The project is still a mere prototype, so Mozilla for its part did not want to give any specific release date, although surely this is not in the short term.

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