The news that we would see in the Google I/O
The news that we would see in the Google I/O
Today kicks off the annual developer conference known as Google I/O. Google usually presents important news for users at this conference. And what is expected of Google this time?

New version of Android

To begin with, surely a new version of Android. It will be called Jelly Bean but it doesn't seem to be 5.0 but just Android 4.1 So There won't be so many improvements, but better battery management, a new search tool and Chrome as the default browser are expected.

The biggest new feature might be the Majel voice assistant, similar to Apple's Siri. The new version of Android would arrive at the end of the year with the Galaxy Nexus.

The Google tablet

It would be the perfect occasion to present the Google tablet calledNexus 7 that would have a minimum price of 200 euros. It is actually made by Asus and has Nvidia Tegra 3 in hardware. What seems more certain is that it would already arrive with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Google TV is renewed

Google needs to renew its Google TV, therefore, surely it will be integrates with its new products such as the social network Google+, not so new, and with the future Android 4.1that is about to arrive.

Google Glass Project could not be missing

The project of the Google glasses has been around a lot lately and will be back with some new features. Yes, for the moment nothing about its release to the market or for developers.

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