IFarmacias, app to find the nearest pharmacy
IFarmacias, app to find the nearest pharmacy

iFarmacias is an interesting application only available for iPhone that, as its name reveals to us, has to do with pharmacies.

The main objective of the app is to show us the pharmacies closest to the position where we are at the moment of the search.

Using GPS, it places us on the map and immediately searches for the closest pharmacies to us.

The particularity of this is that we can see which pharmacies are on duty and which ones are closed at that moment, making it a very interesting and very useful functionality.

In addition, it has other features such as the following:

  1. Pharmacy hours: shows the hours of the pharmacies on duty and indicates the closing time. That is, if the application shows us any pharmacy, that one will be open at that moment.
  2. It is compatible with Facebook and Twitter, so we can publish the information of a pharmacy on Twitter and Facebook.- Possibility of sharing the information of an establishment by mail electronic.

  3. Monthly on-call calendar for each pharmacy.

The application is developed by a company from Tenerife and at the moment the app only works with pharmacies in Tenerife.

The company anticipates that in the future they will expand coverage to other provinces, such as Las Palmas, Madrid and Barcelona.

iFarmacias, app to find the nearest pharmacy
iFarmacias, app to find the nearest pharmacy

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