"Book Pack – Linux System Administration"
"Book Pack – Linux System Administration"

Let's now move on to carry out another review of the books published by Ediciones Eni. In this case, we will analyze a pack of two Linux books, whose purpose is to help us with the administration of a systemwith this OS. On the one hand, we have a more theoretical one and on the other, a more practical one.

Let's focus first on the theoretical book.

The theoretical book, treating it as a reference book, contains everything a Linux system administrator should know (or any user who pretends to be one, already touches several levels, starting with the most basic terrain).

"Book Pack – Linux System Administration"
"Book Pack – Linux System Administration"

All the pertinent explanations are made and they show you the information that the terminal outputs, as well as the lines of code entered to display said information.

All the content exposed in the book I see as very interesting for fans and employees in this field, which, as always happens with the books published by Ediciones Eni, the language they use makes learning relatively easy and the acquisition of new knowledge.

In case this book by itself was not enough, we have as complementary material the book of Linux practices(made in the Fedora 11 distro), which I see as totally accurate and personally, I loved it (it also includes multiple choice questions). In each chapter they mark the necessary materials, objectives, time to complete their exercises, etc.

It may be that some end up missing some more practice, but this book, which aims to consolidate some of the theoretical knowledge, perfectly fulfills its function, in addition to putting a number of practices beyond If necessary, you could easily end up with a book with many pages and the huge practical content would end up being monotonous and few people would end up doing each of the exercises.

Summarizing. It seems to me an ideal pack of books for fans and those in charge of Linux system administration that should not be missing on the shelves and even more so if we look at its price. Both books complement each other in a fantastic way.

The "Book Pack – Linux System Administration" can be purchased from Eni Editions.

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