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Vodafone buys ONO
Vodafone buys ONO

Whoever follows her gets it and Vodafone has got what she wanted. After two failed attempts, Vodafone has already bought ONO in an operation that has amounted to 7.2 billion euros.

We have already told you here that Vodafone's purchase of ONO is imminent and that is what has happened. The third time's the charm and Vodafone will have ONO in its hands very soon.

Vodafone buys ONO
Vodafone buys ONO

It will become official on Monday

The purchase of ONO will be made official, if no problem occurs, during next Monday. It is expected that the acquisition operation will close at that time, for a price ranging between 7,200 million and 7,400 million euros.

Over 7 million customers

Vodafone will take over the more than 7 million customers that have ONO in Spain who use the company's fiber optics.

And it would take Vodafone at least 5 years to reach the coverage offered by ONO in our country, so this would be one of the possible causes.

Many questions in the air

Clearly, now ONO's customers who see a rival company and another network has taken over the company will come out in protest.

There are already many who predict that ONO will lose customers and that it could raise its price, but many other questions remain in the air.

What will happen from now on with ONO's mobile services that use the Movistar network? What will the other operators do? Will they challenge the purchase as they already did with Yoigo after being bought by Movistar?

We will see what happens as of Monday, when it is intended to finalize the purchase of ONO byVodafone.

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