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Apple "wins" Samsung in patent lawsuit
Apple "wins" Samsung in patent lawsuit

Finally a California court orders Samsung to pay more than 86 million euros to Apple for violating mobile phone patents. For its part, Apple will have to pay 114,200 euros to the Korean company for two other infringed patents.

The company founded by Steve Jobs has accused Samsung of infringing five patents on the mobile phones the company designs, manufactures and sells. Finally, the court has considered that only infringes two and a third partially.

Apple "wins" Samsung in patent lawsuit
Apple "wins" Samsung in patent lawsuit

The battle that has been going on for three years is still not completely over. The truth is that Samsung will have to pay less than 10% of what Apple claimed at the initial moment, so it is likely that Apple's expenses in judgment are the same as the benefits you would receive.

"Apple launched this litigation campaign years ago with aspirations of slowing the meteoric growth of Android phones. But it hasn't been like that, not even close, and this case isn't even close," he explains Brian Love, Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University School of Law.

The 5 patents that Samsung allegedly infringes

  1. Patent 5,946,647: Quick links

    -Patent 6,847,959: Universal search

    -Patent 7,761,414: Background synchronization

    -Patent 8,046,721: slide to unlock-Patent 8,074,172: word suggestions

As we can see, these are functions that we find in our smartphones as the simplest thing in the world but that companies have registered as patents and has caused an endless fight around them.

As a curiosity we found the slide to unlock patent, something that Jobs protected so much to the point of announcing “I am going to destroy Android”, with the consequence of a patent war in between.

The judicial decision

Finally the court has declared that it only infringes two patents and a partial form.

  1. Quick Links Patent: Infringed on all devices

    -Universal Search Patent: Not infringed on any device

    - Background Sync Patent: Not infringed on any devices

    -Swipe to Unlock Patent: Infringed on some devices-Word Suggestions Patent: is violated on all devices

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