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Telegram already has a web version
Telegram already has a web version

Do you use Telegram ? Well, if you are one of the users who actively uses them, you should know that Telegram already has a web version and therefore you can use Telegram from the browser to chat with your contacts.

With the inclusion of the new Telegram web client the Russian instant messaging application is already almost everywhere and there is no excuse not to use it on any device.

The new web application has been announced from the official Twitter of the company and practically works the same as the applications that we already know for devices mobile phones.

So it maintains the same characteristics and security and privacy options that characterize it and make it a safe application to have even secret conversations and self-destructible.

Telegram already has a web version
Telegram already has a web version

Until now the website was known as Webogram, but they have been renamed Telegram Web keeping everything they had up to now.

To highlight the new novelty that they have included and that will give us even more security and is the support for username, always and when available if no one has taken it.

What is Telegram?

Telegram, in case you still don't know what application it is from, it is an instant messaging app practically modeled on WhatsApp in the interface, but it adds numerous privacy and security options that make it more robust and reliable than WhatsApp.

So it is multiplatform and also we can use it at the same time on several devices, something WhatsApp still can't do. Of course, it adds some other interesting functionality that makes it a good alternative to WhatsApp.

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