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Apple overtakes Samsung in smartphone sales
Apple overtakes Samsung in smartphone sales

Apple already sells as many phones as Samsung. The release of Apple's latest model, the iPhone 6, has managed to hurt the Korean manufacturer and its large number of smartphone models. The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be the solution.

The study by the firm Strategy Analytics ensures that Samsung's sales remain at 74 million smartphones For its part Apple grows to reach precisely the same number. The strong demand for the iPhone 6 has managed to change the market, a situation that is likely to change this coming quarter.

In any case Samsung continues to lead the sale of mobiles during 2014 and it is foreseeable that it will continue like this this year. The Korean company managed to sell 317 million smartphones while Apple sold 192 million iPhones, a number that is also very important.

Samsung's market share remains at 24.7% while Apple's reaches 15%.

Let's not forget that Lenovo and Motorola, which are now the same company, took third place with 92.7 million units sold in 2014 until achieving a 7.2% market share worldwide. For its part, Huawei occupies fourth place with a 5.8% market share and 74.1 million smartphones sold last year.

Apple catches up with Samsung in smartphone sales
Apple catches up with Samsung in smartphone sales

In our country we have already seen that the situation is somewhat different as well as curious. Samsung continues to lead but together with bq, the brand of Spanish origin. Here Apple takes third place.

Samsung cannot be trusted: see Nokia or BlackBerry

The reality is that even though Samsung leads the year, it can't be trusted. That in the last quarter Apple has caught up with the iPhone 6 is a sign of weakness. Of course, the Korean is preparing the Samsung Galaxy S6 that will surely make sales rise again this quarter.

Even so let's remember those times when Nokia led or BlackBerry had an interesting market, and now see that these are not even among the four manufacturers that sell the most smartphonesMarket changes can be sudden and leaders stop being leaders in a short time.

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