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"Design Patterns in Java"
"Design Patterns in Java"

"Design Patterns in Java" is one of those essential books on the shelves of computer scientists or users looking to program in structured way in Java. This language, Java, is used more and more in companies to develop programs and, in addition, is the basis of new languages ​​such as Android, so getting to know it both both low and high level is essential.

This book contains 23 design models as well as proposed exercises with their solutions, illustrated both in UML and Java. If you want to know the design patterns to structure your code from below, this book is your great ally.

23 Java Design Patterns

If you want to have a handy manual in which to consult the design patterns whenever you need it, I recommend this book. It is very convenient, because it includes by chapters all the patterns we need to make sense of our codes.

If you are a developer or designer of object-oriented programming, this book will be very useful for you. It is organized based on the 3 pattern families: construction, structuring, and behavior.

"Design Patterns in Java"
"Design Patterns in Java"

Of course, mention is also made of the MWC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, which we use so much in our Android programs or applications without going any further.

Availability and price

"Design patterns in Java" from Ediciones Eni, we have it available from their website and for 38 euros. A more than reasonable price based on its content, which is really very good to address any design problem in Java.

My opinion

This Design Patterns book seems essential for every Java programmer. It is not only useful for structuring the code, but also for understanding the scope of the problem in a more orderly manner.

If we order our code from the beginning, we will get a reusable code that in the long run is easier to maintain against changes.

"Design Patterns in Java"
"Design Patterns in Java"

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