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5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge
5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is getting closer and not long ago we brought you a really interesting comparison between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. We don't really believe that Google Chrome is going to be dethroned by Edge, but it is clear that Microsoft's new browser is leaving us all stunned especially if we see everything what it is capable of doing on video… but is it really better?

We love Google Chrome, which is why it's the most popular browser of all time. Google allows us to do everything, and in addition, it transmits fidelity and trust in all senses. It is true that what we like the most are extensions, which allow us to somehow run applications directly in the browser, but Edge is very close to coming out and promises incredible things

Edge wants to take over from Chrome, discover the 5 reasons why you would leave Chrome for Edge:

Draw on the web

It would be amazing to be looking at a web and that Edge allowed us to take notes and make circles. Well, none of this is far from reality, because it is mainly the great novelty of Microsot Edge. And it is that it is fully oriented to the tactile world since it will allow us to draw pictures while we are browsing.

If you want to make the most of touch capabilities, we're so sorry for Chrome, but you should opt for Microsoft Edge or else you'll you will be losing a lot of things.

Have all Chrome and Firefox extensions

Edge wants to be the most complete browser, and it may not have given you much if it becomes compatible with Chrome extensions and Firefox, because we would have double the possibilities within our reach.

That is, if we visit the Microsoft Edge store we will find all kinds of plugins and extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, so we will have absolutely everything to enjoy a good web experience.

Consult any question to Cortana

Google Now is nice, but it doesn't work very well. We know that even if we think we believe otherwise. It's one thing to like Google and say that Google Now does its job well, but it doesn't have that intelligentness that we've seen in Siri or Cortana

5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge
5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

We will have a great advance of Microsoft Edge with Cortana, because it will allow us to enjoy an incredible web experience with this virtual assistant for you. And it is that searching for what we need by voice is the most innovative thing that we can do -ignoring that we can draw on the screen- which makes it a better alternative than Chrome.

Have a reading list without using Safari

If you like to read news all the time and not miss anything, now you can add articles to a reading list This is not new for users who use Safari, but the truth is that it is very good because it will allow us to enjoy a better web experience.

5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge
5 reasons to migrate from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

The reading mode is going to come in handy and Chrome will have to do something about it, since many users are going to Totally throwing Edge away as soon as they discover this new way of doing things.

Edge consumes less RAM

Users who have tried Edge state in the forums that the RAM consumption is lower than that of Google Chrome. And it is clear that for many Chrome it is perfect, but it is possible that Edge will consume less RAM and therefore less battery, which would be a powerful double weapon edge.

In the event that Edge consumes less RAM, Google Chrome could be abandoned by many users Since the differences between one and the other they seem to be quite large if we take into account the touch capabilities, the virtual voice assistant Cortana or the lower consumption But to decide, we have no choice but to try it, while we can both see it on video:

Microsoft Edge wants to become everyone's browser, hence why it has taken so long for the Microsoft guys on bringing it to light. And it is clear that it could mean a before and after in the world of browsers.

Is Edge better than Chrome? To say yes would be crazy for many reasons. Edge has been tried by a privileged few, not everyone. And each user is different, just like each browser, so it possibly depends more on the use that each user gives it than anything else…

Which is better for you, Edge or Chrome? Do you think Edge will consume less RAM as many users have claimed? Tell us in the comments!

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