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Watching videos of cats makes you happy
Watching videos of cats makes you happy

Surely on one of those boring days that you are browsing the Internet, you have found yourself watching a video of cats without knowing how you got there. Well, it seems that this behavior has a scientific explanation, since our body unconsciously seeks to alleviate suffering or boredom by doing things that produce endorphins and make us happy. Thus, watching videos of cats makes you happy, as this study shows.

Does watching videos of cats make you happy?

Looking for positive or pleasant videos is a way that many people have to alleviate their suffering or boredom on difficult days, and this is reflected in studies coming from Indiana University, in which nearly 7,000 people surveyed detailed their habits when their mood was low.

Watching cat videos makes you happy
Watching cat videos makes you happy

Few are those who think that the study is worthy of investigation, but the fact is that watching videos of cats on the Internet makes you happy or at least makes you smile. As empirical data, in 2014 there were more than 2 million cat videos on the YouTube online video platform, with close to 26 million views

Cats and the emotional states of humans

Indiana University researcher Jessica Gall Myrick began work to investigate how cats affected people's emotional states, doing joint therapies. Participants in these therapies left the research with much more positive emotional states largely forgetting other negative aspects of their lives.

According to the scientist, even viewing these videos in the workplace is positive. A worker with a positive emotional state is much more efficient than one who is not, thus making up for lost time.

Do you watch videos of cats when you're sad? Does it encourage you to watch those videos? Leave us your opinions in the comments and together let's see if it works.

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