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Google Photos confuses a woman with a gorilla
Google Photos confuses a woman with a gorilla

It seems that Google Photos is taking it by storm thanks to its unlimited storage service. But the problem is no longer the number of users who use the service, but the quality of it, since it seems that the giant search engine Google needs a little more refinement in Google PhotosThe recognition is not completely perfect and has given some headaches to the company that created the green android.

Google Photos uses advanced recognition to automatically categorize the photos it stores, but it seems to be inaccurate as has mistaken a woman for a gorilla in the Google Photos appThis has revolutionized social networks, which have quickly spread the news, reaching Google's own ears.

Google Photos facial recognition mistakes a woman for a gorilla

Google Photos is tremendously advanced, but all technology has its limitations Specifically, the artificial intelligence created by Google,uses an advanced facial recognition system to categorize photos stored on its service, which still doesn't seem to work perfectly.

It appears that the sophisticated Google Photos service has analyzed a photograph of two people of color and automatically categorized them into Gorillas.

Google Photos mistakes a woman for a gorilla
Google Photos mistakes a woman for a gorilla

Quickly its creator, Yonatan Zunder, has apologized to the affected person, assuring that the error will be corrected as soon as possible. But this has not been enough, since many users of the social network have started to open a racial debate, something that goes completely against the policy of Google.

Google Photos mistakes a woman for a gorilla
Google Photos mistakes a woman for a gorilla

Google Photos: error solutions

Google seems to fix the error as soon as possible, but for now has removed the gorilla category from its new service The creator has assured that learning artificial intelligence was difficult at first and that the problem was not a racial distinction, but a computer problem.

Also dogs and seals have been incorrectly labeled in the gorilla category, which suggests that it is a service error and not programming done for a bad purpose. However, the company has defended itself correctly and its creator has apologized, stopping the intense debate.

We hope that Google Photos continues to develop and evolve, to guarantee a better service and that no unpleasant situations like this happen again.

What do you think of the recognition of Google Plus? Do you think it was something premeditated by a human or an error in the programming of the service? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinions in the comments.

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