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99 iPhones 6 for the deputies of the Valencian Community
99 iPhones 6 for the deputies of the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has been the target of many corruption scandals in recent years. Politicians and intellectuals, including the recently viralized Íñigo Errejón, denounce these events and criticize the waste of public funds With the atmosphere of tension that exists in Regarding the corruption of politicians, it is not surprising that this news is sweeping social networks.

The economic situation and popular discontent mean that any news of inappropriate or out of place spending has a great social impact. The latest news is that a public budget has been allocated to buy 99 iPhones 6 for the 99 deputies of the Valencian Community, something that seems out of place after knowing its enormous debt.

An iPhone 6 for each representative of the Valencian Community

The five political groups of the autonomous government of Valencia have approved a budget of 64,200 euros to buy 99 iPhone 6s from Apple through a telephone companyand deliver them to the 99 deputies of the chamber.

Each terminal delivered to the deputies cost around 650 euros, an amount that not all citizens get to collect as a salary. But despite all this, the measure has been approved unanimously in the 5 parties, among which are the PSPV, Compromís, Ciudadanos, Podemos and the People's Party. The deputies consider that it is a fundamental work tool for civil servants.

The iPhone only will have to be paid if the deputies consume more than what was agreed in their rates with Movistar, a company to which has awarded the service in a public tender. Last year this pact was for a maximum cost of 140 euros per line, so if they do not consume more than what is established, the terminals will come out at zero cost.

99 iPhones 6 for the deputies of the Valencian Community
99 iPhones 6 for the deputies of the Valencian Community

It seems that finally Apple is the company chosen for the terminals of the deputies, although we do not know if this is rather for a Your Honors' personal matter, or for the security offered by the Cupertino operating system.

We hope that is a necessary measure and that what already happened with an exploding iPhone in India doesn't happen and any kind of thing happens of accident.

What do you think about the delivery of 99 iPhones 6 to the deputies of the Valencian Community? Do you think it is an excessive or unnecessary expense? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinions in the comments.

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