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Discover the summer offers on Google Play
Discover the summer offers on Google Play

These days it seems that there are sales on Google Play as far as games are concerned, but we don't have a page that centralizes the offers, and these are changing depending on the country and the moment. So we decided to make a list of the best games from Google Play Summer Sale, which you better download as soon as possible, because we don't know what they will last Some developers indicate dates on their Google Play tab, others only talk about "limited time". In any case, it is interesting that there are discounts in the official store for Android smartphones and tablets.

Among the games promoted are some as popular as Goat Simulator, little gems like Botanicula or titles of intrigue and infiltration like République. Of course, there are proposals for all tastes, although the truth is that the list is not as extensive as gamers would like.

Discover the summer offers on Google Play
Discover the summer offers on Google Play

Here you have a list of some of the titles of the summer sales on Google Play that we have been able to discover:

  1. République (1, 10 euros)
  2. Botanicula (0.95 euros)
  3. FOTONICA (0.89 euros)
  4. Age of Zombies (1.06 euros)
  5. Unium (0.50 euros)
  6. Marvel Pinball (0.49 euros)
  7. Kiwanuka (1.99 euros)
  8. Goat Simulator (0.99 euros)

And all SNK offers

Discover the summer offers on Google Play
Discover the summer offers on Google Play

On the other hand, we have already commented that SNK games are on sale these days on Google Play, classic and quality titles for only 0.99 euros each. Lots of summer fun for little money!

We leave you the most interesting, which belong to the The King of Fighters saga (two-on-two fight) and to the Metal Slug (shooting in two dimensions). Here they are:

  1. Metal Slug (0.99 euros)
  2. Metal Slug 2 (0.99 euros)
  3. Metal Slug X (0.99 euros)
  4. Metal Slug 3 (0.99 euros)

- The King of Fighters’97 (0.99 euros)

  1. The King of Fighters’98 (0.99 euros)
  2. The King of Fighters 2012 (0.99 euros)
  3. Fatal Fury Special (0.99 euros)

So these are the summer sales on Google Play. It is a pity that Google has not organized the promotion a little better, so that we could see the sales on a central page. In fact, in the United States great titles like Monument Valley or Game of Thrones are included, and in Spain they are not.

In any case, take advantage of Google Play's summer promotion with the games we show you, because some of them are very interesting, and they cannot always be purchased at up to 80% off.

What do you think of Google Play's summer sales? Are you attracted to any game, or have you seen any other promoted in the Android store these days?

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