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Twitter removes character limit in DMs
Twitter removes character limit in DMs

At the time we already commented that Twitter was planning to eliminate the 140-character limit in DMs (private messages). The idea was that this would happen during the month of July, but it seems that the issue has been delayed a bit. Now Twitter removes the character limit in DMs permanently, something many users will celebrate.

The truth is that Twitter has already made changes in the past regarding DMs, like when it decided that we were going to be able to send direct messages without the need for the accounts to follow each other. It seems that the objective is that the rules that apply in the public part of the social network are not mandatory when the conversations become private.

Available in a few weeks

Twitter eliminates the character limit in DMs for everyone, but the novelty will be applied in phases. For some lucky people, the improvement will begin to arrive today, and in a few weeks it will have been fully expanded Twitter not only makes the change in its web version, but also in the apps for Android and iOS, in TweetDeck and in Twitter for Mac, always in the latest versions.

Twitter removes character limit in DMs
Twitter removes character limit in DMs

The truth is that the idea seems appropriate to me, because on our wall we want short and concise tweets (up to 140 characters, as always), but in direct messages sometimes we have to talk about more topics complexes. Now the social network advances to the messaging system level, something that will be very useful for companies that deal with their customers on Twitter.

So Twitter removes the character limit in DMs, and remember that it may soon offer breaking news on your timeline. The microblogging platform never stops evolving, and we all benefit from it. From now on… it will be much easier to chat with the people we meet on Twitter!

What do you think about Twitter removing the character limit in DMs? Is this an appropriate decision, or did you prefer 140-character phrases in direct messages as well?

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