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Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet
Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet

We all know that there are no secrets on the Internet, that everything we do on the Internet is analyzed by spy agencies for unclear purposes and without legal guarantees. But the problem is aggravated when the big companies in the sector get a cut by selling our data. Sounds unbelievable, but Google can bring you out if you're not a techie. The worst part is that the company knows very well that this type of thing happens, and it doesn't care, since it makes money with it.

We all surf the Internet looking for the topics that interest us. Including gay-themed ones, which are sometimes watched from a shared computerSome non-tech savvy user (ie 99%) will feel safe deleting browsing history. However, that won't be enough to hide your browsing.

Indiscreet Ads

Google generates a profile of our tastes and interests, based on our browsing habits. It does this to show us more relevant ads, and it seems like we all win: we see ads for things we might want to buy, and the advertiser gets more sales from it investment.

Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet
Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet

The problem occurs when an advertisement can reveal a secret. For example, if we search about trips to Disneyland on Google, our children may later see related banners. If they're smart, you can connect the dots right away.

Certain topics are sensitive

The truth is that it is not difficult to understand that certain ads should not be targeted Browsing the other day on the Internet I found one that I think that doesn't make sense: it was a campaign by the Spanish Ministry of He alth to fight against diseases that affect the gay community. Undoubtedly, a necessary announcement, but one that can be inserted in much more logical places, such as blogs or apps for that community.

In this case, it is clear that Google can bring you out of the closet. If someone uses your computer, they might think that those ads appear randomly, but an expert would know that you have searched for something related to the topic. In the end, you could find yourself in a delicate situation if you didn't want to reveal that information

Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet
Watch out! Google can get you out of the closet

Private Browsing

In the end, it is best to resort to private browsing if we want to hide things from our computer users, since Google you can't fool him. It is clear that, in its eagerness to make money, the search engine brand accepts and segments very sensitive ads.

As if that were not enough, the categories with which Google labels our interests are not at all clear, because they never speak of these kinds of preferences. Of course, a very annoying case, which shows how serious the problem of privacy on the Internet has become.

What do you think of this topic? Do you see the possibility of Google pulling you out of the closet, or does that seem pretty unlikely considering how their advertising works?

Image: Carlos Luna

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