Limit 48 hours returns to El Corte Inglés
Limit 48 hours returns to El Corte Inglés

The truth is that El Corte Inglés is accustoming us to lightning summer sales, with this weekend's promotion there are already three campaigns during the month of August. What happens is that each one includes different products, so we have to be very attentive to what the large Spanish supermarket offers us. Well, Límite 48 hours returns to El Corte Inglés for three days with the most interesting proposals.

This edition of Limit 48 hours takes place from today, August 21, until Sunday August 23 On the web we can buy all three days, but keep in mind that not all El Corte Inglés centers will open on Sunday. If we place the order on the promotion page we can pick it up in a physical store or request that it be sent to our home, depending on the item.

Limit 48 hours returns to El Corte Inglés
Limit 48 hours returns to El Corte Inglés

To facilitate your purchases, we have made a selection of the most interesting products that El Corte Inglés has reduced in the Limit 48 promotion hours. Here's a rundown of the weekend's top deals:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablet for 89 euros (40% less, before 149 euros).
  2. Emtec 8 GB Pendrive for 2, 90 euros (49% less, before 5, 90 euros)
  3. Logitech K400 Touch wireless keyboard for 29 euros, (38% less, before 46.99 euros).
  4. Sony HDR-AS30 Camcorder for 169, 15 euros (32% less, before 249 euros).
  5. 32-inch Philips LED TV for 289 euros (17% less, before 349 euros).
  6. Western Digital My Book 1 TB hard drive for 69.90 euros (30% less, before 99.90 euros).
  7. HP 8 G2 1411ns Tablet for 139 euros (26% less, before 189 euros).
  8. Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone unlocked for 439 euros (17% less, before 529 euros).
  9. Philips SHL3160RD/00 Headphones for 19.90 euros (33% less, before 29.99 euros).

The truth is that we are looking at interesting products, some with very substantial sales Perhaps some Apple device is missing, but we already know that the The apple brand does not get along too well with low prices. In any case, now that the summer is coming to an end, we are facing a good opportunity to renew our technological equipment for the next course.

So Limit 48 hours returns to El Corte Ingles, and you should take a look at their offers. They don't stand out too much at the level of computers or smartphones, but some accessories have very attractive prices You might find something worthwhile!

What do you think of Limit 48 hours? Are you going to take advantage of this promotion, or do you see nothing that catches your attention?

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