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Google celebrates its 17th anniversary with a doodle
Google celebrates its 17th anniversary with a doodle

If the popular Internet search engine were a person, he would be only one year away from the age of majority. And it is that Today Google celebrates its 17th anniversary, and it does so with a doodle, the system that it has chosen before to commemorate all kinds of events, such as parties Spanish La Tomatina. Basically, it is a personalization of the Google logo that is displayed when entering the Internet browser.

The Google 17th anniversary doodle shows us a retro-style computer, with a party hat on top of the screen, and some balloons in the background. On the PC it shows an old version of the Google search engineNext to him we see some curious elements, such as a penguin, the mascot of Linux, which is the operating system on which Android is based.

Although the drawing is not very clear, it gives the impression that the computer case is built with parts from the popular LEGO building set. Finally, the table is adorned by a lava lamp, popular in the 90s.

Google celebrates its 17th anniversary with a doodle
Google celebrates its 17th anniversary with a doodle

17 years full of success

Google was founded on September 27, 1998, although it was not formally registered until September 4, although it seems that the brand prefers to celebrate the first date. Larry Page and Sergey Brin began their adventure in a garage in Menlo Park, California. They chose the search engine name inspired by the googol number (a 1 followed by 100 zeros) as a way of reflecting the immensity of what we can find on the web.

Anyway, at first they named it BackRub, which they later changed. What started as a search engine for easy access to Internet content became in a very short time a multi-billion dollar empire, which has changed our lives.

So Google celebrates its 17th anniversary with a simple doodle, which when clicked takes us to the search "When is Google's anniversary", in addition, it also offers a system to share the doodle on social networks and as a web link. Google, may you have many more birthdays!

What do you think of Google's 17th anniversary doodle? Does it seem like an important event to you, or does it not attract much attention to you?

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