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Paramount creates a free movie channel on YouTube
Paramount creates a free movie channel on YouTube

On YouTube we can find all kinds of videos, but the truth is that movies and series are scarce. For this type of content, the best are subscription services like Netflix, but sometimes we find the most generous offers. And it is that Paramount has created a free movie channel on YouTube that is very interesting.

Actually, it's been running since April, but it hadn't attracted much attention, because the included catalog doesn't stand out much either. The channel is called The Paramount Vault and offers a large number of movies at no cost, which can be viewed directly on the YouTube website. Of course, unfortunately, are only accessible from the United States, in Spain and Latin America we will receive a message that the videos are not available in our regions.

What can we find in the catalogue? Well, classic and not too well-known films, whose commercial life has already ended. Of course, they are quite numerous, and there are some notable ones such as " Land as you can", " Hamlet ", "Novecento " or "Inside my dreams ". Unfortunately, we can forget about releases like "World War Z" or "Titanic", which appear in advertisements but are not actually available.

Paramount creates a free movie channel on YouTube
Paramount creates a free movie channel on YouTube

Free, no gimmick

The most interesting thing about the offer is that there is no trick, for Americans The Paramount Vault is free. The truth is that the films will only be of interest to fans of classic cinema, and only to certain certain ones, because they are not about well-known titles In the end, what makes Paramount is to make available to lovers of the seventh art many minor films, but that in any case it would not be able to make a profit in any other way.

The project is certainly interesting, and shows that great things can be done on the Internet. All this archive of Paramount movies was going to be of no use gathering dust, and in this way increases cultural heritage on the net So Paramount creates a channel of free movies on YouTube, a very laudable initiative.

What do you think of this topic? Are you interested in Paramount's free movie channel on YouTube, or are you not attracted to their catalogue, either?

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