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New Dell XPS 15s could contain malware
New Dell XPS 15s could contain malware

Today getting infected with malware of some kind is nothing out of the ordinary, although it is that the new computer you just bought include one. That's precisely what seems to have happened with the new Dell XPS 15s, where a user has discovered a self-signed certificate that shouldn't be there.

The fact of buying a new computer with the operating system intact and finding this certificate issued by the computer itself is not goodEverything points to the fact that Dell's new laptops include some type of malware that could be on a par with Lenovo's Superfish scandal.

Dell XPS 15 with pre-installed malware?

If we already fight to prevent malware on our computer on a daily basis, it goes without saying that fighting against something that already includes a new laptop from the moment of purchase is a complete scandal.

The alarms are on in Dell, but the problem is still being analyzed. The certificate in question was issued by the company itself without the knowledge of the users and it has been a Reddit member who has put the community on notice.

The new Dell XPS 15 could contain malware
The new Dell XPS 15 could contain malware

Many will remember this with a resemblance to Lenovo's Superfish case, which used a certificate to inject advertising into the web pages we visited. This could pose another new problem for the company, since the name of the certifying authority is eDellRoot.

The worst of all is that there is no point in removing it, since it is regenerated every time the system is rebooted, so the best option if you have a Dell XPS 15 is to do a totally clean install of Windows 10.

What do you think of this case? Do you think the Dell XPS 15 includes a malware created by the company itself?

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