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Anonim renews its design. The famous sports page has a new look since yesterday and which has taken months of work.

The intention of the owners of the website is to make it more visual, more orderly and with a greater presence of multimedia content In addition, they ensure that loading time is improved, something that often left something to be desired. And it is that is one of the most visited websites in our country; has several million users per day.

The new website is compatible with all devices, so it adapts to devicesmobiles and tablets automatically. As we can see, everything is left with many blank spaces, fewer accesses in the top menu and quite light colors, to which we add the images. We also noticed less presence of advertising , or at least it's hard to see it since it's in the middle of the content.

On the other hand, if we enter to read an article the structure is simpler, but it remains aligned to the right. Advertising remains fixed and to the left. changes design changes design

We don't like the Brand design

Regular users of the website have not been happy with the renewal. Most have criticized the changes in the different articles published so far this day.

They talk about clutter, being full of bugs and even the inability to send feedback.

So much is the disappointment that has caused among users who assure that they will switch to direct competition,

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