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Obama has a Fitbit Surge instead of an Apple Watch
Obama has a Fitbit Surge instead of an Apple Watch

The President of the United States faces many obligations, but he should not neglect his physical form. Now we find out that Barack Obama has a Fitbit Surge instead of an Apple Watch, a strange decision in a country that is obsessed with the apple brand.

Within fitness bracelets, the truth is that the Fitbit Surge, which we presented to you some time ago, is one of the most advanced. It offers heart rate monitor, GPS, notification screen and a long battery life Its price is not cheap either, it is around 250 euros.

President Obama was a guest on a television show called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, in which he was to drive a classic car. Therefore, his wrist was visible at all times, which was wearing a Fitbit Surgeand not an Apple Watch

Obama uses Apple products, and the truth is that Steve Jobs gave him an iPad 2 before it went on sale Tim Cook, his successor at the head of Apple, has visited the White House several times. Despite everything, Obama opts for a Firbit Surge and not an Apple Watch.

Obama has a Fitbit Surge instead of an Apple Watch
Obama has a Fitbit Surge instead of an Apple Watch

Why this choice?

Obama does not wear an Apple Watch for a very specific reason: He is not allowed to use an iPhone, nor is he allowed to use an Android or Windows PhoneThe President of the United States must communicate using a device with extremely strict security certifications, and that ties him to an ancient BlackBerry.

A device like an Android Wear or Apple Watch would require a smartphone that Obama can't carry with him, so the Fitbit Surge represents a logical alternative to control your physical form. It is an advanced and complete gadget, which does not have to pose any security problem, since it works independently.

So Obama has a Fibit Surge instead of an Apple Watch… but that could change as soon as he steps down as President of the United States. At that time we will see if he bets on Apple, Google or Samsung to replace his fitness bracelet.

What do you think of this topic? Would you also prefer the Fitbit Surge, or the Apple Watch that we liked so much when we analyzed ?

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