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IPhone 5 would arrive in less than a month
IPhone 5 would arrive in less than a month

There are many rumors surrounding the bitten apple. The latter point to an iPhone 5se, a new smartphone model with the specifications of the iPhone 6 and with a body the size of the iPhone 5s. However, and although it is not confirmed, an official release date is already at stake: in just one month

We have already told you about what the output of an iPhone 5se would mean. The official name does not seem to be that, since Apple takes care of each of the details of the brand with great care, but it is not surprising that everyone is waiting with expectation for this new smartphone that would reach the Cupertino catalog as a low cost model.

iPhone 5se coming soon, along with iPad Air 3

Expectation is highest when Apple introduces a new product. In this case, it is a regeneration of the iPhone 5S, but the truth is that the price could capture the attention of a large number of potential buyers.

iPhone 5se would arrive in less than a month
iPhone 5se would arrive in less than a month

The new iPhone5 could be released together with the iPad Air 3 very soon, specifically within a month, in another new and interesting Apple Keynote. Everything indicates that it could be the day March 15 the day designated as the official launch date for these two devices, although unfortunately we do not have more information about it.

The new iPhone 5 would reach the market for around 400 euros with 16 GB of storage, although there could also be a higher model of 32 GB. We will have to wait and see if this becomes a reality or not as the weeks go by.

We would like Apple to revolutionize again with its devices instead of reinventing them, which is not bad either, but we expect much more from the brand with the bitten apple.

How about an iPhone 5se? Would you buy it?

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