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WhatsApp will have encrypted calls soon
WhatsApp will have encrypted calls soon

Step by step and update after update we are seeing how WhatsApp is improving more and more. This time it is related to the calls that can be made from the application since WhatsApp will soon have encrypted calls.

For a few months it has been possible to make calls to our WhatsApp contacts, but the truth is that they do not always work completely well and it seems that they have not reached users as much as expected since they are hardly talk about them.

Privacy above all else

Facebook and other companies want to preserve the privacy of their users above all else. That is why Facebook, according to The Guardian, has decided to implement encryption in WhatsApp calls, a feature that we may see sooner rather than later in Facebook Messenger calls.

WhatsApp will have encrypted calls soon
WhatsApp will have encrypted calls soon

WhatsApp will not be the only one that will reinforce its security since, as I have told you, other companies in the same field or that are quite related will also improve and make more secure communications through your applications.

Applications like Snapchat or even Google are working on methods to more effectively secure their services and make them more secure. For all these reasons, soon we will be more protected when we use these applications to communicate with other people.

The Apple vs. FBI war, main reason

You may wonder why WhatsApp will soon take this step in improving its service? We are sure you will remember the controversial case we talked about a couple of days ago here, in which the FBI asked Apple for access to a terrorist's phone, which the apple company refused because it would set a precedent in the future.

As a result of this issue, large companies have reacted and have made the decision to improve data encryption, using the example we are talking about in this article.

It is clear that it will be a positive issue for users but not so much for the US authorities since today they have already expressed their discomfort with the encryption of WhatsApp calls.

How about WhatsApp voice calls being encrypted in the future?

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