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IPhone SE, 4" as powerful as iPhone 6s
IPhone SE, 4" as powerful as iPhone 6s

Apple has just made the new iPhone SE official,a miniaturized version of the popular 6S, designed primarily to satisfy consumers who do not they want to make the leap to a larger screen. It is undoubtedly great news for the world of Apple, which receives a new device in its catalog for the content of the public, who, on the other hand, had been demanding it for quite some time.

So many rumors of the new iPhone SE have been leaked that the truth is that none of us are surprised by its release. Its specifications are similar to those of Cupertino's latest flagship, the iPhone 6s, although we will find that does not have some of the most interesting features like the popular 3D Touch of which so many He has given us something to talk about.

iPhone SE, as powerful as iPhone 6s

Apple has just presented in the last Keynote a new smartphone from the bitten apple. The iPhone SE arrives to satisfy a sector of consumers that until now was empty, an iPhone with a 4" screen and the power of an iPhone 6s. Most had to opt for the iPhone 5s for this, with all the setbacks that it includes, such as not having 2 GB of storage or other technologies that Apple has recently patented.

iPhone SE, 4" as powerful as the iPhone 6s
iPhone SE, 4" as powerful as the iPhone 6s

Here you can see the specifications of the latest iPhone SE:

  1. Screen: 4 inches.
  2. Processor: A9 64-bit and M9 coprocessor.
  3. RAM memory: we assume 2 GB.
  4. Rear camera: 12 MP iSight.
  5. Connectivity: 4G/LTE.
  6. Battery: Unknown.
  7. Other: LivePhotos, 4K video and Apple Pay.
iPhone SE, 4" as powerful as the iPhone 6s
iPhone SE, 4" as powerful as the iPhone 6s

As you can see, it's not bad for a model that supposedly reverses Apple's project to increase the size of the screens. In the end it seems that the visionary Steve Jobs was right and the 4" will be the key point of this new device of the bitten apple.

Availability and price

The iPhone SE will hit stores from March 31 in various countries, including Spain. Its prices in Europe are not yet official, but it will start at $399 for the most basic model.

What do you think of the new iPhone SE? Would you buy it?

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