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Is the iPhone SE worth it?
Is the iPhone SE worth it?

Apple has released the new iPhone SE as expected. We are talking about a smaller version of the current iPhone 6S and that it would have a somewhat curious audience. The apple company would come to meet the needs of users who want a 4-inch screen , is the iPhone SE worth it?

The Cupertino company's attempt sounds like an experiment, not knowing what to do. Apple launches a 4-inch device, a screen size that few users want as most prefer between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. So, what? Is the iPhone SE a saving?

The reality is that no. Its price starts at 489 euros, practically half that of the iPhone 6s, but that does not make it cheap. And, on the other hand, the hardware is quite tight, although potentially it would be able to surpass the iPhone 6s itself.

The latter has a possible explanation, and that is that a smaller screen can allow the hardware to be freed up.

Is the iPhone SE worth it?
Is the iPhone SE worth it?

Android has better alternatives

Precisely Apple can stop standing out if it tries to get into a complicated terrain like this. In Android we find much cheaper alternatives and with even higher specifications.

iOS and iPhone: the reasons

If users buy an iPhone SE it's because it's a iPhone, not because of its specifications or its price. To this we add that it has iOS , something perhaps some users value.

For the rest, we find ourselves with an smartphone old in specifications and expensive, it is not an iPhone 5c (which was also expensive, but more in the “low cost” style).

4 inches?

Users who want 4 inches will be able to choose compact smartphones without having to pay almost 500 euros for such a small terminal We will have to see if Apple manages to sell the device as expected. The experiment is there. If Apple succeeds, the competition will surely follow suit.

Do you believe in a 4-inch iPhone for 489 euros?

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