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Facebook mistakenly places many users in Pakistan
Facebook mistakenly places many users in Pakistan

We don't really know what happened but Facebook has mistakenly sent thousands of users a Safety Check from Pakistan More and more people They are turning to social networks to find out what has happened, but the truth is that it seems to have been a general error on Mark Zuckerberg's platform and not a real warning of danger.

Facebook has suffered an error that has affected thousands of users The popular blue social network has sent a Safety Check to Facebook users the platform, as far as we know, all through the mobile application. Keep reading to find out some more details.

Has Facebook sent you a Safety Check as if you were in Pakistan?

We don't really know what happened, but a bug has spread that could affect thousands of people on the Facebook platform. This error affects a very useful functionality that allows us to check, in real time, if our Facebook contacts are okay after some kind of event, such as a attack or a natural disaster. We are talking of course about the Safety Check

Some of us have detected how we received a notification on the Facebook mobile app. The notice asked us if we were ok as we were within Pakistan Safety Check range, temporarily active due to the catastrophe that has claimed at least the life of 60 people. When opening the message we only found that the content was not available or could not be displayed.

Facebook mistakenly places many users in Pakistan
Facebook mistakenly places many users in Pakistan

When accessing from a computer we have not found anything. Not even the message appears within the recent ones. Not a trace has remained, except for that first notification that has reached thousands of users.

We will have to wait to find out if Facebook or someone responsible clarifies what exactly has happened, since the failure has affected thousands of users and we do not know if it could continue giving false notices in all the Safety Checks that as they appear.

Have you also received a notification from Facebook with a Safety Check from Pakistan? Did you receive it from your mobile or from a computer?

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