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Facebook reaches 1.650 million users
Facebook reaches 1.650 million users

Mark Zuckerberg's popular social network continues to grow, and now we know that Facebook reaches 1.650 million monthly users No place Undoubtedly, an excellent figure, which improves the 1,500 million users that were announced a couple of months ago. It seems that the company does not stop growing, despite its numbers are already dizzying.

This data has been shared on the occasion of the financial results for the first quarter of 2016, which have been positive. At the user level, WhatsApp already has 1,000 million, Facebook Messenger has reached 900 million users and Instagram remains at 400 million. In addition, Facebook has connected 25 million people to the Internet in developing countries.

The company also highlights that it has launched Facebook Live Video, which makes it possible to broadcast live from our social network, and that it has integrated Facebook reactions, which allow various emotions to be expressed when making "I like". Lastly, he also highlighted Oculus Rift, his virtual reality glasses that recently went on sale.

So it seems that the company is going from strength to strength, and working on artificial intelligence solutions for people with visual impairments as one of its goals for the future. Facebook has produced this infographic that shows its 1.650 million users and other details:

Facebook reaches 1.650 million users
Facebook reaches 1.650 million users

Facebook will continue with Zuckerberg at the helm

From time to time hoaxes appear that say that the founder of Facebook gives away millions of dollars, but this time there is some truth. Marck Zuckerberg plans to donate his shares to fund medical research and advances in education, but he's working with the board of directors to ensure he remains at the helm of the social network despite dumping his stake.

So Facebook reaches 1.65 billion monthly users, good news for the company, which is doing well on all levels. Of course, its objectives are met, profitability is beyond doubt and little by little it launches new products. So it looks like we'll be enjoying Facebook for many years to come.

What do you think of the 1.650 million Facebook users? Do you think the social network still has growth potential?

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