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WhatsApp will allow you to report spam calls
WhatsApp will allow you to report spam calls

We all get annoyed when they call us at lunchtime to offer us life insurance or when we change Internet companies. Can you imagine that this happened on WhatsApp? The company wants to stop the problem before it starts, so WhatsApp will allow you to report spam calls A function that doesn't seem necessary right now, but it better be there ready.

We already introduced you to WhatsApp calls when they were launched a year ago. They work through our data connection, so they are free, except for the consumption of megabytes made on our rate. This could cause malicious users to make mass calls for commercial purposes, even without human intervention, just by recording.

To avoid the problem, it would be very useful for users to indicate WhatsApp calls as spam. This would make it much easier for the company to identify accounts that are bothering other users We are not aware of the problem occurring on a large scale at this time, but it is not we can deny that it is a possibility that should be considered.

The idea that WhatsApp gives us the option to report spam calls comes from the official website in which the company asks for the help of users to translate the texts of the app. So the reliability turns out to be very high, it is almost certain that the feature will be implemented in the future. Here is a screenshot showing the message to indicate that a WhatsApp call is spam:

WhatsApp will allow you to report spam calls
WhatsApp will allow you to report spam calls

WhatsApp prepares many new features

The truth is that the instant messaging app does not stop adding improvements of all kinds. Video calls for WhatsApp are coming soon, and a version of the app for Windows and Mac is also being worked on. It is clear that, after the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, the development of the application has accelerated considerably.

So WhatsApp will make it easier to report spam calls For now it hasn't added the functionality, but we can imagine that it works on it. This is an important issue, because starting to receive unwanted advertising calls would be the last thing users want. It doesn't seem like this is happening right now, but WhatsApp would do well to get ahead of the problem with this spam reporting mechanism.

What do you think of this topic? Have you ever received a spam call on WhatsApp, or have you not been affected by this nuisance for now?

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