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Sony officially confirms PlayStation 4 Neo
Sony officially confirms PlayStation 4 Neo

Rumors of a more powerful PlayStation 4 version had been circulating for months, so it was clear they couldn't be wrong. Now Sony officially confirms PlayStation 4 Neo and provides some details, but has not fully disclosed it. However, these data come from Andrew House, a senior manager of the company, so they are 100% accurate.

To begin with, House assures that both models will complement each other, and that all games will work on the current version of the console Of course, predicts that most new titles will take advantage of the revision's extra power. PlayStation 4 Neo will coexist during its life cycle with the normal model, and will be focused on enthusiasts, especially those who have a television with 4K resolution.

Specs for the PlayStation 4 Neo have been leaked for some time, and it's not clear that it will be able to move games to 4K natively, but House hasn't stated that explicitly either. The new model was expected to reinforce the launch of the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, but now doubts remain.

And the fact is that the executive has never mentioned virtual reality. Despite the fact that PlayStation VR is coming out in October, Sony has not wanted to give dates for PlayStation 4 Neo.

Sony officially confirms PlayStation 4 Neo
Sony officially confirms PlayStation 4 Neo

PlayStation 4 Neo will not be at E3

Next week the E3 2016 video game fair is celebrated, and everyone was waiting for the presentation of PlayStation 4 Neo, for a subsequent launch before Christmas. However, House has confirmed that the new console will not be revealed at the event. No details on its release date or price will be given either, although he has stated that it will cost more than $350 when it goes on sale.

Therefore, Sony has officially confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo to prevent us from being disappointed at E3. When everyone thought that the new version was imminent, now it seems that it is moving away. In any case, we will continue to keep an eye on this model.

What do you think of PlayStation 4 Neo? Do you find it interesting, or do you not see the point of upgrading a console to half a generation?

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