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Snapchat prepares for augmented reality
Snapchat prepares for augmented reality

Snapchat has many interesting features and it seems that they are working on another novelty that could be coming soon. The social network is preparing for the arrival of augmented reality service.

With this new functionality, Snapchat would be ahead of other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and would be the first to implement augmented reality through its filters, some of which are very funny.

Amusing the user

Augmented reality will allow users, through virtual reality glasses, to experience this technology that basically consists ofExperience a virtual world that doesn't exist as if it were something real.

As we have already told you, augmented reality would be possible thanks to certain filters of those available on Snapchat and glasses that will support this technology, some glasses that may be created by themselves.

Snapchat prepares for augmented reality
Snapchat prepares for augmented reality

To give you an example, with one of the filters you could, for example, spill a glass of water from a well-known beverage brand or also turn your face into a Doritos snack.

As if that were not enough, they would have also thought about how to make this new augmented reality technology profitable and that would involve signing collaborations with companies, something that certainly seems to benefit both Snapchat and the company.

If this finally becomes a reality, Snapchat would be a pioneer in introducing augmented reality into a social network, something that will surely please fans users since they would offer something innovative and different from everything that currently exists in the rest of the social networks.

How would you like Snapchat to introduce augmented reality?

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