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The paella emoji is now official
The paella emoji is now official

After an intense campaign from Spain to claim the Unicode consortium the acceptance of paella in emojis, we finally have good news, and it is that officially the paella is already among these fun drawings.

The official website announced today the list of new emojis that will be part of the latest update, and among them is the quintessential Spanish dish, paella.

In addition to paella we also have new emojis about bacon, prawns, a squid, and others like a black heart, a bat, a fox and many more.

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The paella emoji is now official
The paella emoji is now official

The list of emojis is expanding more and more that from now on will allow us to express with symbols and drawings what we we don't want/can't express it in words, and now, finally, paella is part of this list.

This is important beyond being able to send a simple drawing, because worldwide we now have a symbol of gastronomic culture of our country in each and every one of the smartphones that exist and can make use of the Emoji.

A fact that goes further, to equate it (somewhat exaggeratedly), if the emoji keyboard were the moon, paella would be the American flag.

And you, will you use paella on your smartphones from now on? Is there any other emoji you'd like to see come true?

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