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The stock of the new iPhone would be limited
The stock of the new iPhone would be limited

With the new iPhone just around the corner it seems that the problems are increasing for the Apple factory. Apparently a group of defective components would jeopardize the stock for the launch, being this limited in the first weeks of sale.

This is not the first time we have heard this kind of problems in the construction of Apple smartphones, last-minute problems that would seriously doubt its ability to supply customers make demand higher.

This information, if true, has a double purpose, given the low demand of users who would change their current iPhone for a new one (according to surveys) it would increase the desire to have it by being more " exclusive" or to resell it on specialized web pages.

The problems with the new iPhone

According to a possible leak of a document on the production of the new iPhone, this will be reduced to 74 million units, compared to the 84 million units in stock that were in the same time with the iPhone 6s in 2015.

Components may be responsible for this slowdown in production being watertight speakers one of the latest problems Apple seems to want to have certified (or at least resistant) to water. Doing something like this requires extraordinary security so that nothing goes wrong and will determine future costs for replacement terminals in case they submerge (accidentally or not).

The stock of the new iPhone would be limited
The stock of the new iPhone would be limited

If any component were to fail on the waterproofing or waterproofness of the new iPhone, it translates into a much higher cost. Current iPhones appear to be water resistant but Apple hasn't certified it. For various reasons, one of them due to the well-known case of the Sony Xperia.

We remember the case of the Sony Xperia, one of the first terminals that ensured that their phones were waterproof. By including it in the guarantee, many managed to get it wet in a certain way and thus get a new terminal, the guarantee covered any problem with liquids.

The camera on the new iPhones also has a problem on the Plus modelA defect in its lens means that it cannot be put up for sale. The iPhone Plus models seem to be the only ones that incorporate a dual camera This would also delay the sale of the 4.7-inch model because Apple would not sell a model and one another, that is, they have to do it at the same time.

The problems that arise every year with the new iPhones are almost a contest, the first user to get some news with a defect in the yourself, you will gain a certain vanity for a while. If Apple were to release one smartphone and the other left it on hold, it will make users distrust of that model and sales will not rise for a long period of time.

All this information, like everything related to Apple, must be handled very subtly since it is normal for weeks before the presentation of a model to leak information pretending to be true. What is a reality is that the new iPhone will be presented in September, whether it has enough stock or not.

Would you buy the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? Do you think it is worth changing an iPhone 6s to a new one?

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