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Google Maps will inform us about speed limits
Google Maps will inform us about speed limits

Google Maps launches a beta of its application with important improvements that we will see shortly in the official application. Two of the most outstanding innovations is the possibility of continuing a route on foot after parking our car and another is setting speed limits.

These new updates come after many users insisted to Google about the need for these features. To tell the truth, they are very practical for real use, since it allows you to reach a place where it is not possible to access by car without having to indicate a new address.

The speed limit function is also quite handy because it will warn us if we are going too fast with our vehicle. Sometimes we do not realize it and we step on the accelerator a little more with the corresponding fine (in the best of cases) that we could perceive if we go through a radar.

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Another novelty that this new beta incorporates is " monitoring". When we indicate that we want to go to a place, the application itself will inform us if we are arriving on time or with delay Currently it only indicates the time of arrival at the destination, with this new function will make planning our trip more accurate so as not to be late for appointments.

The tracking function will also show our actual speed, both on foot and in vehicles. The interesting thing is that will be able to detect the speeds set on the roadsAlso very useful when we are running or cycling so as not to depend on another device that indicates the current situation of our physical activity.

Google Maps will inform us about speed limits
Google Maps will inform us about speed limits

Coordinates are also a new feature in this beta of Google Maps. Now it allows us to read the coordinates to position our location or reach it. Sometimes we find ourselves in places where it is not accessible to indicate a location to the GPS because it is not an urban area

Now with the coordinate reader, copying and pasting an address will be a big jump for the most inaccessible locations such as rural areas. A novelty that is also expected with open arms.

We don't know when this new version of Google Maps will be released, but we can anticipate that it is in progress and that it will be out soon to light for all platforms.

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