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The iPhone 7 would start from 750 euros
The iPhone 7 would start from 750 euros

There isn't a week that we don't talk about the details of Apple's next iPhone, although until now we hadn't talked about its possible prices. A new leak suggests that the iPhone 7 would start at 750 euros.

Although it may sound the most normal thing in the world, apparently that price would refer to the model with an internal storage of 32 GB, so it would also confirm that finally Apple would forever banish 16 GB from its most basic iPhone models.

Price similar to iPhone 6S 16 GB

As we already mentioned, the most basic iPhone 7 would be the 32 GB version and would cost around 750 euros. Considering that the 16 GB iPhone 6S is currently priced at 750 euros in the Apple Store, that would be good news.

And you may wonder, why could this be good news? Basically because with the same money that you could buy an iPhone 6S today in the official store (it's cheaper in other stores), you can buy the iPhone 7 32 GBwhen you exit later.

So you'd get an iPhone with more storage for the same price as an iPhone 6S with less space. In any case, we will have to see if this finally becomes a reality and Apple would definitively eliminate the 16 GB option.

The iPhone 7 would start from 750 euros
The iPhone 7 would start from 750 euros

We can also see in this table that there would be three models of iPhone 7 and another three of iPhone 7 Plus, with 32, 128 and 256 GB, thus removing the 64 GB option as well. The price table corresponds to what the phone would cost in China (first column) and in Hong Kong (second column).

Making a currency conversion, prices would oscillate between 750 euros (5,288 yuan) corresponding to iPhone 7 32 GB and 1,053 euros (7,888 yuan) for the 256 GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus.

What would you think if the iPhone 7 finally costs 750 euros and the 16 GB option is finally eliminated?

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