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Chrome now has the new Material Design look
Chrome now has the new Material Design look

A few days ago we were talking about an important new feature in Google Chrome 53, Material Design. Google began to release this design in a controlled manner in periodic phases, but from this moment it is possible to find this new design in that version.

Google Chrome with Material Design incorporates many improvements and extensive fixes in the browser's source code for a much smoother user experience complete.

Among the innovations in the design are found in the address bar and the text, now it is much more visible to the user and better organized.

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Chrome now has the new Material Design look
Chrome now has the new Material Design look

The design presented in this version of Google Chrome with Material Design has a much cleaner and lighter visual load where it will help the user to focus on the content and experience a much faster loading of web pages.

The new style of the different buttons or the new tabs make the new Google Chrome Material Design more practical when it comes to use the browser.

The incognito mode offers us the possibility of visiting any web page without having to delete the history or any type of trace during the session. Just closing the tab will automatically delete all our data or web visited in the history. Very useful if we use a computer other than ours.

Another peculiarity of the incognito mode is found when activating the dark mode, thanks to this functionality it will be possible to visit web pages in a more discreet when we are in low visibility situations so that the white background of the browser does not flash so much.

In less visual news, we found a series of bug fixes that made Google Chrome will not run correctly or with some kind of error when loading certain pages. If you want to buy all the news from Google Chrome Material Design remember that is already available to all users

Do you usually use Google Chrome Material Design as your primary browser? What do you think of these new features?

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