How to mute a conversation on Google Allo
How to mute a conversation on Google Allo

Google Allo was recently officially presented, the company's new commitment to gain a foothold in the instant messaging segment. It is currently available on APK Mirror, which means that many Android users already have it available for use, despite the fact that it has not reached the official Google Play store.

Like other instant messaging apps, at certain times we can find some conversations that are annoying or that we simply don't want to receive notifications for a certain time. So let's learn how to mute a conversation in Google Allo very easily

In two simple steps we teach you how to mute a chat to stop receiving notifications from Google Allo, something you've probably already done on WhatsApp to avoid groups with too many messages.

Silencing a chat is not more complicated than in other messaging services, but we provide you with this information for those new to this world. We will only have to do what we explain below:

  1. Enter the chat we want to mute.
  2. Click on the upper right corner, where we will find the contact's image.
  3. In the menu we will see the mute option, we simply press and we will no longer receive notifications.
How to mute a conversation on Google Allo
How to mute a conversation on Google Allo

In this way we can mute any chat in Google Allo to not receive any notification, although at the moment we do not have the option, as in WhatsApp, to silence the conversation for a certain time. Therefore, when we want to receive notifications again, we must follow the same steps and remove the silence.

Was this tutorial helpful? Have you ever had to mute a chatty contact on Google Allo?

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