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Messenger Day, Facebook's "Snapchat Stories"
Messenger Day, Facebook's "Snapchat Stories"

Facebook is not giving up on "stories" after Snapchat declined a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Now Facebook carries out its offensive with Messenger Day, a page that will be active for 24 hours to allow users to share a full day with their friends.

Facebook's offensive takes time, the 60 million users that Snapchat owns makes its incursion into the American market very complicated so they are going to start testing in Poland.

If Messenger Day is able to get a good reputation, they will migrate to other countries in a controlled way to have a base of success that allows them to compete with Snapchat.

What would Facebook Messenger Day be like?

Messenger Day, Facebook's "Snapchat Stories"
Messenger Day, Facebook's "Snapchat Stories"

Facebook wants to allow a user to share a full page with photos and videos with their friends and acquaintances. Not just any page, a page well decorated with all kinds of details, the peculiarity is that has an expiration date (just like Snapchat), in this case, Facebook will delete the page in 24 hours.

A simple way to share the day to day but offering more options than a simple publication, perhaps that is where really is the success, simple, fast and practical. Without further waste of time, share the moment with hardly any editing.

Facebook's objective is really to stop the strong advance of Snapchat, the growth of users is something that worries Facebook and with Messenger Day More than trying to revolutionize the sector, the objective is to stop the increase in users of Snapchat

What do you think of the idea of ​​Facebook? Do you think it will be able to compete with Snapchat?

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