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MásMovil will have Orange coverage
MásMovil will have Orange coverage

MásMovil wants to become the fourth operator in our country and it does so with an important agreement with Orange to be able to use its 4G coverage along with fiber optics. This agreement will take effect at the beginning of the year, where it should be noted that MásMovil becomes the first operator with double coverage.

Currently MásMovil uses Yoigo coverage where as of January 1, 2017 will be complemented with the Orange network. This means that when Yoigo coverage in MásMovil is insufficient, it will automatically connect to the Orange network.

Thanks to this double coverage, MásMovil becomes one of the operators able to offer practically 100% coverage throughout the national territory along with a fiber optic network.

Better 4G and fiber optic coverage for your customers

MásMovil will have Orange coverage
MásMovil will have Orange coverage

One of the deficiencies of MásMovil was being able to offer fiber optics in most homes, thanks to this agreement with Orange is possible to contract in many more areas. The commitment adopted by Orange to create cabling that will reach 10 million homes before the end of the year.

Regarding 4G coverage, Orange reaches 85% of the national territory, covering a fairly large number but insufficient for many areas. This will not be a problem for MásMovil since it will supplement that 15% with the coverage it has been using up to now, that of Yoigo.

This new agreement opens a world of possibilities for MásMovil to be able to offer a quality service and compete among the big names with great offers of mobile line with fiber optics. Customers will be the biggest beneficiaries of this by having more competition between operators.

Being able to combine the mobile rate with a fiber optic rate means that we save a lot of money at the end of the month where customers looking for an alternative to everything we already know can be quite an attractive option.

MásMovil has already taken the first step in reaching an agreement with Orange, Now we will see the maneuvers to attract new clients to see if they really offer attractive products to become the third or fourth most important operator in Spain.

What do you think about this MásMovil agreement with Orange? Do you have any product contracted with MásMovil?

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